About ZAVUCh.INFO (zavuch.ru) website 

Who We Are

Zavuch.info is created for educators and school teachers in purpose to exchange and share their practical pedagogical experience, insights and knowledges in areas of children’s’ education and teaching.

Our website was launched at July 2009 and nowadays Zavuch.info is one of the largest electronic publication for teachers, methodologists, schools’ supervisors and managers. At the end of 2017 our community has grown more than 500 thousand active members.


"ZAVUCH.INFO" have the use constantly updated library of teacher editions, lesson plans, plans of theme-based registration periods, plans of school events, games, activities and other useful items redound to teachers and educators. At this very moment collection of articles and mythological items   includes more than 140 thousand publications at free access. Our impressive knowledge base is enriched by 100-120 new methodological rationales on a day-to-day basis.

Our own telecasting studio mounted with hi-tech equipment. It provides a continual broadcasting of free internet television channel. We deliver video conferences and video seminars in the online mode, involving universities academe, the faculty of most famous schools and educators from Russian Federation, CIS countries and far abroad. On the air of ZAVUCh.info TV channel famous politicians, public figures, and representatives of the Ministry of Education answers the pressing questions of educators and teachers. The distinctive capability of our channel is the ability to organize online discussions directly during broadcasting. Such a useful technical capability allows us to provide immediate feedback between studio and audience.


To be readily available to our audience we perform most of our online events at evening time. Internet TV channel ZAVUCh.info is experienced with coverage of educational events in Russia, CIS and abroad (Turkey, Egypt, United Arab Emirates Dubai, Finland, Ukraine and others).

In 2009, a year after ZAVUCh.info was launched, we organized the International Teachers Forum in St. Petersburg. In spite of the fact that it was the first forum more than 700 teachers, educators and preceptors from Russia, CIS and far abroad engaged the Forum.

Since 2010, the International Teachers Forum established by ZAVUCh.info realized annually.  In 2106 more than 1 500 educators applied for participation in Teachers Forum. Unfortunately, at this particular moment we are able to organize effective proceedings of not more than one thousand participants. Due to the actual continuity, professionalism and openness of the discussions Forum has been gaining popularity not only among professionals of education, but also among the general public. Greetings to the participants usually are sent by the Russian leaders. Heads of the Ministry of Education, leading scientists and politicians as well participate in the Forum discussions with grate relish. Forum is covered by leading Russian mass media.

In 2011 ZAVUCh.info launched the Internet project for schoolchildren website named MINOBR.ORG.  This portal organizes and conducts online academic competitions, quizzes and contests games for students in Russia, CIS and other countries. Current portal audience is more than 400,000 students around the world.

With effect from 2014, portal initiators established the All-Russian Pedagogical Workshop which is hold at the Black Sea seaboard. The purpose of the Workshop is to provide practical training to school teachers. Seminars and trainings provides by recognized masters and innovators in education. All-Russian Pedagogical Workshop holds from May to October. Each year more than 1,000 teachers participate in this forum.

In the same 2014, the portal ZAVUCh.info established institution of supplementary education for adult students called “KNOWLEDGE CENTER”.  According to requirement of Russian legislation the “Center” took out the license for vocational educating of adult people.

At the same year ZAVUCH.info launched the website of Interregional Institute for Education Development which is engaged in vocational education and development for school teachers.

A distinctive feature of this site is comfortable as for teachers as for students online education platform, which provides flexible and effective instruments for organization and tuition of educational and training process.

As Internet media "ZAVUCh.info" develops independently, has its own point of view, keeps independent opinion and position, often do not coincide with the positions of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. Well-known Russian TV and media organizations often apply for expert opinion of the Chief Editor Eugenie Baranovsky concerning important educational issues. 

Since 2008, due to professional approach and openness website "ZAVUCh.info", developed constant professional audience and always get the high valuation of the professional community.